Alat USG 2 Dimensi Murah

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Alat USG 2 Dimensi Murah

Post  tradersenior on Tue May 21, 2013 10:39 am

Kami menyediakan berbagai macam alat USG 2 Dimensi murah berkualitas untuk dokter spesialis jantung, spesialis ginekologi, bidan dll. Merk tersedia dari mulai grade tertinggi dari Amerika/Eropa dan grade biasa dari China.

Alat USG 2 Dimensi yang tersedia :

Alat USG 2 Dimensi Logiq 100 Basic


- Portable compact ultrasound imaging system with fold- able operating panel and dual port for the operation of two probes (optional) or probe adapter (optional)
- Linear, convex and micro-convex-array technology

Signal processing :

- 16-channel fully Digital Beamformer
- Continuous dynamic aperture adjustment
- Free adjustable transmit focus and Parallel-Focus ultrasound (high frame rates achieved by Acoustic Parallel Processing)
- Dynamic self-adjusting receive focus

Operating modes :

- B-Mode
- Dual B-Image (B/B-Mode)
- B/M-Mode
- M-Mode

Dimensions and weight :

- 276 mm (width) x 244 mm (height) x 405 mm (depth)
- 9.8 kg (without probes)

Alat USG 2 Dimensi Mindray DP 10


- Full-digital beam image formation technology
- Double inserted probe identifies automatically
- Generating clinical report automatically
- The whole dynamic receiving focusing
- High –precision digital scan conversion DSC
- Back-lit photoelectricity track control
- Intelligentized TGC gain control of the whole paragraph 8
- Advanced technology to ensure that the SMT placement machine reliability

Standard configuration:

- 10 inch non-interlaced monitor
- 3.5MHz Multi-freq Convex Probe(2.5MHz-5.0MHz)


- 6.5MHz High frequency Trans-vaginal probe(5.5MHz-7.5MHz)
- 7.5MHz High frequency linear probe(7.5MHz-8.5MHz)
- 7.5 MHz Multi-freq rectal Linear Probe
- Trolley
- Color laser printer
- 3D workstation software

Alat USG 2 Dimensi USG Wed 160

Ergonomic design with extreme mobility

- 12.1’ LED monitor with 30 degree tilting function
- User friendly control panel with backlit, silicon keyboard
- Light and compact design for extreme portability

Diagnostic confidence and wide clinical applications

- Full digital technology
- IP (image process) for fast image optimization
- 8-TGC assuring accurate image control
- A broad range of transducers for obstetrics, gynecology, abdomen, urology, small parts, orthopedics and pediatrics applications

Improve efficiency by optimizing the workflow

- Fast boot-up within 20s
- User-defined keys to define personalized operations
- One key images or cines saved to local disk or USB

Standard Configuration:

- 12.1-inch LED monitor
- One transducer connector
- Control Panel
- Handle
- Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
- I/O Interfaces
- 2 USB ports
- 1 VGA OUT port
- 1 Video OUT
- 1 S-Video OUT
- Measurement & Calculation software packages


- Second transducer connector
- DICOM 3.0: Image storage and printing
- Footswitch
- Mobile trolley: UMT-110
- Carrying Case
- Keyboard dust-proof cover
- Needle-guided brackets


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